World Order: they are really good

I think the best way to say something about this extraordinary Japanese group is to see what they say about themselves. This is what they say on their site. (Also check out the video I have put below.)

Genki Sudo, who was a martial artist and now actively works as an entertainer and writer etc., organized a performance unit with six excellent dancers. The seven men including the chief choreographer Ryo Noguchi concentrate their inspirations and embody the unique world view.

In his fighting career, Genki Sudo declared to put everything he had into both fighting and entrance performance equally because of his enthusiasm to express his fighting as an exquisite entertainment. Now he launches an all-out sound project – WORLD ORDER. The performance with fully exploiting the dancers’ high physical abilities, song by Genki himself, and the pop & sensitive dance music merge into a distinctive world. Such an unparalleled and originative style of expression receives fervent support in Asia, the United States, Canada and the EU.

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