Remember the old video games, the classics, like Missile Commander or Space Invaders? Well, the owner of this apartment sure does.

The design was made by Polish architects Lukasz Wawrzenczyk and Ewa Koter. We’re talking about 376 square feet of modern design mixed with an old school 8-bit video game look.

Remember Shark Week on TV? Well some Internet guys wanted to make the same, but of course using their limited Internet budget. This is only a preview of what came out.

You thought your life is hard? This is a picture of some girls going to school in Nepal. They do this every day, risking their lives. Think about that the next time you curse because your iPod’s battery just ran out.

It’s not easy being an iPod.

I just found out about this. There are people that collect the fur of their pet animals and then turn it into yarn, which is then used to make clothes. Kind of gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “like master, like pet”. I find it a bit weird, though, wearing your dogs fur.

Meet the Chromodoris willani, named after Dr. Richard C. Willan, a fairly recently discovered sea slug. Individuals in this species can range in color from dark blue to a translucent white.

Yesterday Disney artist Jeff Shelly had the kindness to how us how he draws Mickey Mouse like a pro. The clip is sped up so as not to bore anybody, but you can still get the hang of it if you watch it a couple of times.

So these mythbuster wannabees wanted to find out if the LaCie RuggedKey flash drive can survive a 100 meter fall. And it did, according to this video. Personally, I find it kinda useless. If you’re going to drop your flash 100 meters, are you really going to risk going after it?

Still, the flash looks pretty cool. Here is the design.

It’s water, heat and cold resistant and also features 256-bit data encryption and USB 3.0.

I wonder how much time and patience that took to make.

If you’re bored of your day to day life and hobbies, why not try a game of Monopoly? But not just any game, but a real life size one. You can actually play this in Logan Square neighbourhood, Chicago.

Participants play with jumbo dice, don gigantic token-shaped hats, and occasionally even wear jailhouse garb.

These cards are made out of plywood and bolted to the sidewalk. They get changed from time to time, so the game doesn’t get boring for people who come here often.

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