“Light trucks” in Japan can cost up to £100,000 to decorate (6 pictures)

This is a trend that started in Japan in 2011: whole families decorating trucks with so many lights and bling that costs can go up to £100,000 and they need a special generator under the chassis of the car to power them up, and they can only be turned on for 20 minutes before they overheat.

The trucks are emblazoned with intricate designs, such as this one with a tyrannosaurus rex. The final effect is so blindingly brilliant that they are not road legal with their lights on.

Hundreds of the lorry owners flock to meetings where owners show off and swap tips.

The cavernous interior of one of the trucks featuring a carpeted dashboard, wallpaper and an enormous glass chandelier

The attention to detail is staggering, with hundreds of tiny stuffed toys decorating one of the trucks

via dailymail.co.uk.

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