Landscape designs giants ValleyCrest and Brickman to combine

The country’s largest landscape services business, ValleyCrest Cos. About Calabasas, Has wanted to merge with another industry giant, Brickman corporation Ltd. Of md.

Model company, Which has to be named, Will be a landscaping behemoth using more than 22,000 salespeople and annual revenue of about $2 billion.

Each serves large scale clients such as companies, Educational facilities, Private nursing homes, Lodging communities, Resorts and hotels. They also landscape and keep parks and other grounds for public entities.

ValleyCrest landscaping clients include the Getty Center in new jersey Custom Dolphins Jersey, Wynn sin city hotel, Trends Island in Newport Beach, And the Chinese and Japanese Gardens at the Huntington Library and organic Gardens in San Marino.

“We are excited to bring together two family founded industry pioneers to continue shaping the industry while caring for client relationships which are built over decades Jay Ajayi Jersey, Said toby Kerin, Leader of Brickman.

We are excited to bring together two family founded industry pioneers to continue shaping the industry while caring for client relationships which has been built over decades. Tim Kerin, Leader of Brickman The transaction is expected to close by the middle of the year. Upon conclusion, Kerin will be leader of the new company Roger Zino, Now leader of ValleyCrest, Is definitely vice chairman.

ValleyCrest is dominant in a lot of states and Florida, Zino told, Whereas Brickman was put in place and grew biggest in the Northeast and Midwest. The two companies do compete in there are same markets, Having said that.

“We have known and respected one another for a long time, Zino claims, “And have always shared a commitment to superior client service, A relentless focus on employee safety and support of air and communities in which we live and work,

Brickman is currently owned by New York private equity finance firm KKR, And ValleyCrest is now owned by affiliates of MSD Capital, It vehicle for computer magnate Michael Dell and his family.

Once the merger, KKR will have majority ownership of the combined company and MSD Capital will retain an essential minority ownership interest. The new company will hold offices in Calabasas and Rockville, Maryland, Zino proclaimed.

ValleyCrest was co conceptualized in 1949 by Burton Sperber, Who was still active as chairman of corporation when he died in 2011.

Sperber had a love for horticulture and preferred to be called”Head garden enthusiast” Even as his company grew into a domestic firm.

Benefiting from the post World War II building boom in conviction hearing, Sperber’s privately owned company grew steadily as it did landscaping for residential developments, Dojos and freeways.

What initially began as a small nursery with three employees had grown to more than 150 locations world wide, With the help of 9,000 employees and nearly $835 million in annual revenue in the time his death.

ValleyCrest did work at the Grove mall in Los Angeles, The Bellagio hotel and casino in sin city, Disney’s Animal Kingdom amusement park in Florida and Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Arizona.

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