DOT says road work shouldn slow Packers traffic

DOT says road work shouldn slow Packers page views MADISON, Wis. (AP) State vehicle officials say ongoing road work should not significantly affect those traveling to Green Bay on Sunday for the Packers home opener. But nevertheless, The state Department of Transportation is reminding fans that construction season is ongoing so those traveling to Green Bay for the game should allow more time. 41 near alternative Bay, Including a decrease in the lane width for a 10 mile stretch south of Grant Street to Interstate 43. The posted speed limit along that stretch is reduced to 55 mph. 41. From my news partner, WLUK in Green Bay your DOT: Earth-friendly BAY(WisDOT) The Wisconsin Department of transport is reminding motorists heading to Lambeau Field on Sunday, September 15 for the Green Bay Packers/Washington Redskins football game that the road the construction industry season continues on most major roads in Northeast Wisconsin. Some good news for fans is they should not encounter any significant traffic impacts due to construction as they head to the game. Most work will be terminated and lanes open on Sunday in Northeast Wisconsin. The WisDOT strongly recommends motorists allow themselves more hours to reach their destinations. Here is a list of the major roads in Northeast Wisconsin most Packers fans will be traveling as they head for the game and the road conditions they are able to anticipate: US 41Brown CountyDrivers will encounter 11 foot travel lanes and reduced muscles in multiple locations along a 10 mile segment of highway. The posted speed limit is reduced to 55 mph from just south of Grant Street to I 43. Temporary barrier walls at various locations causes traffic to slow. Mason Street Traffic leaving world of warcraft: Mason Street traffic seeking US 41 northbound will work so via the US 41 northbound collector/distributor lanes, Crossing WIS 29 and entering US 41 northbound via the doorway ramp from WIS 29. WIS 172Brown CountyEastbound WIS 172 to northbound US 41 ramp is made. Eastbound WIS 172 traffic wanting to exit to northbound US 41 continues east on WIS 172 and take the Oneida Street/Ashland Avenue exit which ends at Vanderperren Way; Take Vanderperren Way to the rest of the world to Holmgren Way, Use Holmgren Way north to Pilgrim Way and take Pilgrim Way east to westbound WIS 172 on ramp to northbound US 41.

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